jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2016

God's favourite

"Follow my rythm" he said.
The night was all over his head, but he tried to cover it for years. His eyes didn't lie, there were sparkles as bright as the stars. Maybe he was the moon, pale as her shinning hope. Dark was his clothing, dark was his broken smile. Son of the very last of summer, son of war. Even Michael was proud of his mind. "How are things going?" he asked from above. They should have been fine.

But how could they? Angels have all dumbed him. What a mistake could have been to fall in love with the earth? She was god's sweetest creation, as perfect as he was once. Jelousy wasn't talking. Admiration was. He tried to reach her, four thousand years weren't enough for their love. "Mother of nature, mother of my child. My home, my believes, my dreams. I thought I was leaving them behind but I was wrong. My songs talk all about you"
She found out god was furious, "his very best son and his very best daughter, what a deception to be. She went back to father's arms, but he was cursed to fade away in god's forgoten realm, among humans that would never understand the love an angel could give and how destroyed he was to be denied of the purest magic of all.

Those green eyes weren't easily to forget, now they were a jail where he was supposed to sleep…. But which dreams could he have in the place where she screamed his name blinded with passion on her eyes?

A little girl once discovered god's forgotten son. She promised herself to bring him home. In return, he would have taken her to the sky and beyond, kisses and poems were the road to love. However, there was no home to go back to. Hell was all of his thoughts and this child was not allowed above.
The fallen angel lost himself again.

Black, purple and white. Those were the colours she desired to feel. Back to Neverland, there is where she should be. Being forever a child doesn't scare her anymore. Not there, though. But with the devil she learnt how to love, so it's not that crazy to ask about his charming broken smile, even though they weren't playing the same song.

"Follow my rythm" he said.
But she couldn't: she was in love. It was no angel, nor creation of god, just the human she will meet someday in the crowds. He will be more that she couldn't ask for. She was in love with the idea of hope.

~Get well soon, fallen angel. Only you are left now to save yourself. Isn't your destiny writen in your name?~

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